How do I use test strips?


Web page not loading?

Our training takes a lot of data. If you find you are opening our training onto a blank page ensure your connection to the internet is stable. Clear your cache history and refresh the page. If you are using safari, try switching over to chrome. If that doesn't work please open a page incognito. Contact for support.

I received an email saying completed but haven't gotten a kit yet, what does this mean?

Once your order has been processed by our carrier you will receive a completed email with a tracking number. Completed does not mean that your order was delivered. Completed means that your order has been packed and is on your way to you.

I live out of state, will I receive intranasal naloxone?

Yes! As of 1/31/2023 regardless of the state you live in you will receive a form of intranasal naloxone. You can confirm this by the image displayed when ordering a kit post training!