Our Mission

Our Solution

End Overdose provides the necessary training and tools to reverse overdose and prevent loss of life. With naloxone and proper training, our communities can fully prevent overdose-related death.

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Treatment and sobriety do not have a one-size-fits-all model. Not everyone gets sober through traditional means, nor can anyone do it alone. Together, we can reduce overdose related deaths to zero.

We can do it together

In collaboration with doctors, paramedics, activists, recovery workers, recovering addicts, mental health professionals, and family members affected by addiction, we have generated a strategy to save lives.

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Overdose is Preventable

Many people die of overdose because they do not receive treatment fast enough. We teach you how to recognize the signs and symptoms of overdose and how to appropriately respond.

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Training & Education

We create customized training sessions for everyone including, sober living communities, recovery centers, and other community stakeholders.

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