End Overdose


Volunteer of the Month: April 2024
Gracie Stockwell Addison

Director of External Affairs & Programs Gianna Uy extensively praised Gracie for leading fundraising events at CU Boulder that have raised over $15k for End Overdose in the last month. Gracie organized Flatiron Fest, a hockey tournament, flea markets, and other amazing events in Boulder! Because of her, we’re able to continue our efforts to educate and provide lifesaving resources in the Boulder community and beyond.

Volunteer of the Month: March
Aubrie Studwell

Aubrie has volunteered across the country for End Overdose at Electric Forest, Hard Summer, Lost Lands, Escape, Apocalypse After Party, Countdown NYE, and more. She’s worked as a shift lead for most of these events and was a festival lead at Countdown NYE. “Aubrie is a highly trusted and dependable volunteer!” says Director of Events Nina Weisbrod.

Volunteer of the Month: February 2024
Sam Kieffer

We want to shine a light on the people whose efforts make our resources free and accessible to all, so we’re excited to share our February Volunteer of the Month: Sam Kieffer! Director of Operations AJ Banuelos has this to say about Sam’s work: “Sam Kieffer has been a dedicated volunteer since day one at his first event NIGHTSCENE in July 2022. With a willingness to always show up and spread life saving knowledge and resources for End Overdose – and a charismatic, always great attitude – Sam is a dedicated member to this team who is truly loved and valued for all his hard work and dedication to this organization. We love you Sam!!!”

Volunteer of the Month: January 2024
Yesi Ochoa

Yesi is a star volunteer whose work is essential to End Overdose’s presence in our hometown of Los Angeles. She says, "Giving my time to End Overdose is so important to me because I have lost too many friends, not just to the fentanyl epidemic, but opioid overdoses as a whole. I realized that I could turn my grief into action. By giving my time to End Overdose, I can help others stay safe. No one else has to die."

Volunteer of the Month: December 2023
Brian Wong

Brian is a business student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). As the President of the UCR chapter, he’s currently working to equip their student body and the Riverside community with knowledge and resources that can save lives and prevent overdoses. Brian is also consistently present at End Overdose events around SoCal, so you might have seen him working the booth at your favorite festivals.

Volunteer of the Month: November 2023
Jamie McQuarrie

Jamie is someone who you can always count on to help with events, even if it's not convenient for her. She drives from San Diego to volunteer at events in LA, San Bernardino, and Long Beach, and even comes after a full day of work! She takes it upon herself to go the extra mile in helping us execute load out plans, and brings her own personal wagon to help carry supplies. Jamie even spent countless hours crafting an End Overdose totem for us to have at events to further increase our reach and spread awareness of our efforts!

Volunteer of the Month: October 2023
Skylar Tamas

Skylar is a dream volunteer who you’ve almost certainly seen tabling at an event. No matter the location, she’s dedicated to working alongside End Overdose. She’s traveled to Michigan for Electric Forest and to Ohio for Lost Lands while regularly zigzagging across Southern California. “Skylar is one of the purest souls and nicest people I've ever met. She is extremely reliable and will cancel her own plans just to come help when you're in need. Skylar also does Ground Control at Insomniac and is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever met,” says Director of Events and Fundraising Programs. “She lives 1 to 1 ½ hours away from every event, but volunteers twice per week just because she loves to help out."

Volunteer of the Month: September 2023
Jennifer Guthrie

Jennifer has volunteered at major events for End Overdose including EDC Las Vegas, Hard Summer, Day Trip, and more. “From the moment we connected over Zoom, I knew Jennifer was going to be an amazing addition to the volunteer team; she's a super dedicated volunteer and always does the trainings correctly and thoroughly,” says our Director of Events and Fundraising Programs.