End Overdose


Katie Krzywicki


After seeing so many people she cared about affected by opioid use, Katie wanted to ensure her community understood the importance of having naloxone readily available, as well as recognizing the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose. Prior to co-founding End Overdose, she was a Global Account Director at Telstra, a Global Fortune 500 company. While at Telstra, Katie was the US Representative for the company's International Gender Diversity Council. Katie's work experiences range from real estate management to non-profit fundraising.

Leah Schexnayder


Leah Schexnayder was born in raised in Pasadena, California. She is now a Los Angeles County EMT and works in the emergency department as an ER Technician. Leah had her first interaction with the severity of the opioid epidemic when she lived on the east coast while in college. Although she grew up seeing addiction in her family, Leah had never seen anything to this extent. Upon returning to California, Leah had many close friends die of an opioid overdoses and was overwhelmed by the frequency of overdose responses in her job. Leah felt a personal responsibility to ignite change in her community, as she knew how simple the use of naloxone was. Today, Leah is continuing her education in medicine in order to build her platform and bring awareness to this growing epidemic.

Theo Krzywicki

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of End Overdose and a full-time Los Angeles City firefighter/paramedic, Theo brings a wealth of firsthand experience and deep personal commitment to the fight against the opioid crisis. Witnessing the devastating impact of opioid overdoses in his professional life has fueled Theo's determination to make a tangible difference in this ongoing battle. Theo has revived countless individuals with naloxone, an experience that has profoundly shaped his approach to addressing the opioid epidemic. Recognizing the power of education and accessibility, Theo has been the driving force behind End Overdose's mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or profession, has the skills and resources to respond effectively to an overdose situation. Under Theo's visionary leadership, End Overdose has pioneered a comprehensive online training platform that demystifies the process of responding to overdoses and makes life-saving knowledge freely available. His innovative partnerships with some of the largest music promoters in the country reflect a strategic approach to outreach, targeting environments where the risk of overdose is heightened. Theo’s relentless drive to expand End Overdose's impact has led to explosive growth, with thousands being trained each month across the United States. His work is propelled by a belief in the power of community and the necessity of making naloxone and fentanyl test strips accessible to all who need them. Theo envisions a world where knowledge, compassion, and the right tools can turn anyone into a lifesaver. His focus on building creative messaging campaigns and strategic organizational development has not only increased the organization's reach but has also raised public awareness about the opioid crisis and the importance of preparedness in saving lives. Resulting in most large music festivals now carrying naloxone and making it available to patrons. Theo's dedication to reducing the barriers to high-quality training and resources is unwavering. He continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of overdose prevention. His story is one of hope, resilience, and the unyielding belief that together, we can end overdose.