End Overdose
Opioid Overdose
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Opioid Overdose

This course will teach the knowledge and skills necessary to save lives in opioid overdose emergencies, including the correct methods for administering naloxone.

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The purpose of this course is to?

What is an opioid?

What is an opioid overdose?

What is the opioid overdose triad?

Narcan and Naloxone are ____?

What is naloxone?

How long does naloxone last?

Should I still call 911 even when administering naloxone?

If I don't notice the naloxone working when should I give the second dose?

After someone overdoses make sure they...

If you accidently give Naloxone to someone not overdosing on opioids, it has no ______.

Your safety always comes ____.

Naloxone does not cause aggression, but people may become aggressive once revived, remember to always....

Rescue breathe how often?

At what degree do we make the injection?

Make injections into what?

What's an easy way to help draw up the medicine?