Our Team


Founder & CEO

Theo has first hand experience with all sides of the opioid epidemic. He has lost friends due to opioid overdose, has revived persons overdosing on opioids and other drugs, has over 3 years of experience working in the treatment industry, and has combined 7 years of emergency medical experience working as an EMT, Paramedic and Los angeles city firefighter. Theo is a naloxone crusader and has created a training program that takes from his experience as a paramedic, to identify and respond to drug overdose effectively. Theo has trained thousands of persons on how to respond to overdose and administer naloxone. His passion is ensuring no one dies from drug overdose and that all persons who are affected are properly trained.



After seeing so many people she cared about affected by opioid use, Katie wanted to ensure her community understood the importance of having naloxone readily available as well as recognizing the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose. Prior to co-founding End Overdose, she was a Global Account Director at Telstra, a Global Fortune 500 company. While at Telstra Katie was the US Representative for the company's International Gender Diversity Council. Katie's work experiences range from real estate management to non-profit fundraising.



Leah Schexnayder was born in raised in Pasadena, California. She is now a Los Angeles County EMT and works full time for a private ambulance company. Leah had her first interaction with the severity of the opioid epidemic when she lived on the east coast while in college. Although she grew up seeing addiction in her family, Leah had never seen anything to this extent. Upon returning to California, Leah saw friend die of an opioid overdose and was overwhelmed by the frequency of overdose responses in her job. Having treated opioid overdose, Leah felt a personal responsibility to effect change in her community.

Chris Poyorena

Assistant Director

Chris who is a Los Angeles native has witnessed the opioid epidemic’s rise and subsequent damage to the community from a first-person perspective. He elected to join the fight against overdose following the death of several family members and childhood friends secondary to drug overdose. His experience working as a licensed EMT within the LA county hospital, synthetic chemistry researcher, science teacher and premedical degree from Long Beach State has provided valuable scientific background and clinical experience to the organization. His future plans include acquisition of a Doctor of Medicine degree to research the baffling disease of addiction while caring for those afflicted. Chris now works with the community in several roles including opioid response trainer with the overarching desire to prevent more senseless loss of life to this crisis.

Ryan Hampton

Board Member

Three years into recovery from a decade-long opioid addiction, Ryan Hampton has been rocketed to the center of America’s rising recovery advocacy movement. He is now a prominent, leading face and voice of addiction recovery and is changing the national dialog about addiction through social media. With content that reaches over 1 million people a week, Ryan is breaking down cultural barriers that have kept people suffering in silence and is inspiring a digital revolution of people recovering out loud through his #VoicesProject. He’s also advocating for solutions and holding public policy makers accountable.

Garret Hade

Board Member

Garrett Hade is a person in sustained recovery from addiction and has worked with a number of national non-profit organizations dedicated to finding solutions to ending the addiction crisis. He is Co-Founder of The Voices Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to shattering the stigma associated with addiction as well as providing on the ground recourses communities hit hardest by the addiction crisis. Garrett has provided recovery education and naloxone trainings to detox and treatment centers, sober livings, and community events nationwide – helping to break stigma and provide effective knowledge to help save lives.


Board Member

Anthony Desoyza is an individual in recovery who has been sober since August 25, 2013. Anthony spent his teenage years and the beginning of his adult life battling a devastating heroin addiction that almost beat him into submission. With support from his family and friends he was finally able to get treatment in August of 2013 and has been able to maintain his sobriety to present. Since then Anthony has been passionate about helping others find their own way out the dark, misunderstood, void that is addiction. Anthony feels very sympathetic to those who suffer from opioid addiction and understands just how easy it can be to overdose on opioids, hence the reason has joined us at End Overdose in our mission to end overdose.